Lytchett Minster & St Dunstan's Upton

Church Life - What we get up to.

As a church, many of us are involved in mid week activities as well as meeting up to worship and pray etc on Sundays.  The calendar below shows some of those things which are organised by our church.  Correct until end of February.

  • An important part of our lives together is when we meet up once a fortnight in Home Groups.  The weeks when these smaller groups take place in people's homes are listed here.  
  • The Young people meet during term time on Friday at CJ's  and Sunday evenings at  Ian & Els' except for the first Sunday in the month when we have Praise and Prayer at St Dunstan's. lly runs every Tuesday after school during term time for year7s uh Nov
  • Bell Ringers info is here 

The maps within the calendar entries state that both churches are north of Beacon Hill!   We are trying to get it corrected!  Please click the church names at the top of the Services page for the correct locations.

updated 9/2/20