Lytchett Minster & St Dunstan's Upton


Many of us meet together during the week for a variety of reasons and purposes.

For Home Groups click Home groups, for the Men's fellowship click Men, for CJs Dads Breakfasts see Dads,   for bereavement group, see Link

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Gardening Club  - Lytchett Minster & St Dunstan's Churches.
Contact Richard Tazewell (see our directory) to be a member and enjoy working with others in transforming and maintaining the grounds of our churches to ensure they look  l o v e d !

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 Scanned poor copy of the LUNCH  Co logoLUNCH + Co is a monthly social lunch and get-together for older people in the community who are living alone for whatever reason.
It usually meets in St Dunstan's Church Lounge.  

See here for more details

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updated 20/12/18