The Bible is the inspired Word of God with the power to create positive change in the lives of people.  Whether you use a printed version or an electronic version, make reading the Bible a natural part of your life.   It matters that we read the Bible! 

At the back of our churches there are copies of the New International Version (NIV) of the Bible for us to use during the services if we wish to.

Many of us belong to a Home Group where we have additional time to share with others our experiences of reading the Bible and how God is speaking to us through the Bible.

  1. Some people read the Bible online or listen online to the Bible being read; including New International Version (Anglicised) (see below)

  2. others use Daily Bible Reading notes to aid their reading of the Bible. (see below)

  3. others find study books in our Christian Book Libraries a helpful resource alongside reading the Bible (see below)

  4. and others follow a reading plan; perhaps for the year.   (see below)

The BIBLE SOCIETY provides a
wide variety of resources for churches. See Explore the Bible:

 1  YouVersion, also known as the Bible App, is an online Bible, available for use with any operating systems: It is completely FREE to use.

inc  New International Version (Anglicised) (NIVUK) .

 2  Ruth can order Bible Reading Notes and can advise on which ones may best suit you.  See the Church Directory for contact details or get in touch through the Church Office

 3  Our Christian Book Libraries are at the rear and side of both churches.  In the notebook, just enter the title/author of the book, your name and date when you borrow it.   Borrow it for as long as you need it.

 4  Calendar for Reading through the Bible in a Year  -
originally devised by Rev R M McCheyne (1813-1843) 

Last year, Rev Howard Page-Clark managed to get the whole of this plan onto a single sheet of A4 paper!  Copies from the Church Office or ask Howard about them.

or Download the M‘Cheyne Bible reading plan here:-
This is 16 pages long: the Calendar starts on page 4

updated 21/10/20