Lytchett Minster & St Dunstan's Upton

  Farewell to Chris Trent



10th December 2017

Chris was a key member of our team here for 6 years.  He worked with the young people of this parish and beyond and in December 2017, we said farewell to him at the end of the morning service at St Dunstan's Upton.

Whether you were there or not, you may enjoy seeing these ten delightful little video clips.  Most are less than a minute long ... have a look!  The last one is particularly special.

 Rev Canon Jean de Garis tells us a little about Chris Trent. (54 sec)


 Jean reflects with Chris about the transformation of the dilapidated looking building in the car park of Lytchett Minster Parish Church into the amazing CJ’s Youth Venue. (64 sec) 


Jean refers to the annual Homeless Sleep-out event, which mainly involved young people and which Chris organised at CJ’s.  (45 sec) 


A mention by Jean of Chris’ commitment to the Saturday morning Outreach Prayer Meetings.  (44 sec) 


 A small gift for Chris.  Watch to see how this is relevant. (49 sec) 


 Chris says he will have “plenty of time for” this consumable gift. (22 sec) 


 Vanity and Chris  (26 sec) 


 Chris receives wooden items, carved by Graham, from the “last hawthorn” (70 sec) 


 Ian gives Chris a special card from the young people. (40 sec) 

 A unique “amazing” gift for Chris.  Hear Chris briefly reminisce (after getting it unwrapped!). (2.5 min) 


Updated 30/1/18