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Bronze Award awarded to St Dunstan's on 31st March 2020

 Live Lent 2020 logo Church of EnglandThe Church of England have a 'Live Lent' app you can download: Live Lentyou can subscribe to their daily emails or ask Alexa or Google Home for the Daily Reflections  see here   26/2/20


 Bishop Nicholas is blogging this Lent and inviting us to follow his attempt to be a plastic-free pilgrim. Read More or Click here to read and follow  28/2/20


 " Creationtide" - from September 1st to October 4th - is a time when the church thinks about God as creator and sustainer and how we care for his creation.

As a church we are looking at becoming greener through the A Rocha eco-church awards but to get the first one we still have a little way to go in terms of lifestyle.

While we, as church, look at what we can do to tread more lightly on God's earth, how about trying out an online eco survey to see what your personal impact is? 

These two web sites  and are a good place to start.

Hilary 1/9/19


Green tip for this week - easy one to start with.

Reducing meat consumption is one way to tread lightly on the planet. Could this be the week to try out a new vegetarian recipe?

Hilary 17/9/19

Green tip for this week - there is a Zero Waste shop in Wareham, "Bare Necessities".  If you are over that way, why not take an empty bottle in for a refill rather than buy a new one.

Hilary 27/9/19

Green tip for this week. Now is the time to plant bulbs to help bees feed in the colder months. For winter-flowering bulbs, try glory of the snow, winter aconite and snowdrops. For early spring, try crocuses, snowdrops, bluebells, iris, hyacinths and fritillaries. If you like daffodils and tulips, choose varieties with open flowers that bees can easily feed from.

Hilary 3/11/19

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