Lytchett Minster & St Dunstan's Upton

Lay Pastoral Assistant

What Is an LPA?
A Lay Pastoral Assistant (LPA) is trained and authorized to engage in pastoral ministry on behalf of the local church, working as part of a team of clergy and laity. Each individual’s ministry will vary according to their gifts and skills and according to the local situation. But in all cases, the ministry of an LPA calls for a loving and compassionate heart and a willingness to listen to and support those in need. The ministry of an LPA holds a crucial place within the life of the local church, relying on good relationships with both clergy and the wider community. For this reason, LPAs are invited into ministry by their parish priest and their calling is affirmed by the local church.

What do LPAs do?
The ministry of an individual will depend on their skills and gifts and on their local context.

However, the ministry of an LPA may include…

Who are our LPAs?

Carole S,
Dave P,
Eileen T,
Ian S,
Jane R,  
Jane Se,
Ray A,
Sheila S,
Wendy At,

updated 3/10/20