Lytchett Minster & St Dunstan's Upton

Our Team

 We are currently in an interregnum. 

Carole - Church Warden - March 2019

Carole Singleton
Church Warden 

     Fran - Church Warden - March 2019

Fran Routledge
Church Warden 

Rev Hilary Bond - Assistant Curate

Rev Hilary Bond
Assistant Curate
until later this year 
until 28th June 2020

Rev Howard Page-Clark - Associate Priest

Rev Howard Page-Clark
Associate Priest


Dave P - Licensed Lay Minister

Dave Parker
Licensed Lay Minister

Carole in office with Sarah at the keyboard

Carole and Sarah  
n Church Office


Lay Pastoral Assistants

Parochial Church Council


The Church of God is people not buildings.
Our Church is run by a leadership team who work together to oversee our mission and ministry.

We are currently in an interregnum. The other priests who share the leadership are Rev Hilary Bond (Assistant Curate) and Rev Howard Page-Clark (Associate Priest) 

The Church Wardens are Carole Singleton and Fran Routledge. Our 
Parochial Church Council (PCC) is made up of members of the Church family who have been elected to share the responsibility of managing all our Church activities

The parish currently has thirteen  Lay Pastoral Assistants.

All those who are listed on our Electoral Roll are invited to nominate officers, and attend and vote at our Annual Parochial Church Meeting. The current electoral roll is available for inspection at the back of our two churches.

updated 1/7/20